Our Premium Services

How Our Premium Service Works

  • Make your USA purchases
  • Have them shipped to the street address we provide
  • Upon arrival we will check for order completeness and damage
  • If requested we will email you pictures of your items
  • If you are having multiple items sent we will hold them until all have arrived - at no extra charge
  • Once all items have arrived we will carefully consolidate, repackage and weigh your items - at no extra charge
  • Once your items are ready for shipment we will send you an invoice for payment - this invoice will have multiple choices for shipment for you to choose from
  • Choose the option you wish then pay that amount - Remember: we charge only actual shipping charges
  • Once the invoice is paid we will ship your items and provide you with any available tracking information

What we don't do

  • We do not ship from the USA to the USA
  • We do not ship items prohibited by the USPS (link below)
  • Submit false customs or other official documentation

Your Responsibilities

  • Ensure items are correct prior to shipment
  • Ensure items are not prohibited by your destination country
  • Notify us of any contact information change
  • Ensure no items in your package are prohibited or restricted by the USPS 

Our Responsibilities

  • Receive, consolidate, repackage and ship your items to you
  • Ensure maximum cost effectiveness at each step
  • Ensure timely service at each step
  • Accurately complete customs information